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DocuMondays: Cancer Cell Research


August 29, 2016
10:00 AM


1241 Military Cutoff Road
Wilmington, NC 28405




DocuMondays at Northeast Library in Wilmington, NC, features a screening of Cancer Cell Research: The Way of All Flesh. Researchers tried for years to get cancer cells to reproduce outside of the body with little success until 1951, when, without obtaining consent, a scientist took samples from an African American woman's remarkably aggressive tumor a few days before she died of cervical cancer in a Baltimore hospital. Not only did they flourish when placed in a growth medium, but Henrietta Lacks's cells have since proven vital to cancer research worldwide. Known as the HeLa immortal cell line in biomedical research, Henrietta's cells have endured for decades in labs around the world and have advanced the war on cancer while she remained anonymous and unrecognized.

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Contact: Carla Sarratt
Phone: (910) 798-6371